Vehicle Of Interest
In Consideration of TerraMota Auto Group loaning me the above described motor vehicle, I hereby accept full responsibility for its operation and agree that I will not operate it contrary to the laws of any jurisdiction in which it is being operated; I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless TerraMota for any claim(s) of personal injury or property damage to others or to myself arising out of the use or operation of said vehicle. I further agree not to allow anyone else to drive the said vehicle and to return it to TerraMota Auto Group in as good mechanical and physical condition as when it was loaned to me, or to pay TerraMota immediately for any repairs necessary to restore said vehicle to the same condition as when I received it. In the event of any accident involving said vehicle, I will, following such accident, furnish Lender immediately a full and complete report thereof, and will also hold TerraMota harmless and indemnify for any damage, cost or expense in connection therewith. I will bear all expense incidental to its maintenance, and that I will hold harmless and indemnify TerraMota against all claims and demands, including parking tickets, arising or resulting from the use, storage, and/or repairs of and to said vehicle during my custody of same. If said vehicle is stolen from my custody, I will immediately notify TerraMota of such theft. I agree to have the vehicle returned to TerraMota within 25 minutes of the time stamp on this form. If any provision herein shall conflict with or have the effect of depriving any of the parties of any insurance coverage applicable in the absence of such provision then such provision shall not be effective and is void, but the borrower shall remain subject to all other legal liabilities imposed by this agreement or by law.